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Navigating the Terrifying Terrain that is Reddit

There are 183,000 communities — also know as subreddits — on Reddit. An intimidating number to say the least. The contents of the site are even more intimidating. In one corner you have harmless, wholesome memes and doggos. In the other, you’ll find videos of strangers throwing punches in parking lots, or anti-vaxers positing unpopular ideas.

Everything in between is porn.

I kid. There a lot of porn, but most of Reddit is made up of weird, niche communities that can be difficult to find, especially for Reddit newbies. There are half a million people trying to better themselves on r/DecidingToBeBetter. There’s a massive community of aspiring solo nomads. One feed is dedicated to eye-witness accounts of the matrix being real. There’s one called “Forwards From Grandma.” …

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By the numbers

Reddit is the 6th most visited website in the United States. Their monthly user base is roughly the same size as the population of the contiguous United States, plus another 100 million. Numbers aside, marketers and businesses know Reddit is important.

It’s a platform ripe for reaching customers. But it’s challenging to blend in. …

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For those that love and loathe time tracking –

Last year, I was fortunate enough to see Rahaf Harfoush speak at our office about her (then) unreleased book “Hustle and Float”. The book’s tagline describes the title further — “Reclaim Your Creativity and Thrive in a World Obsessed with Work”. The point of her talk certainly wasn’t the point I’m about to make (nor did she say these exact words), but I still think back to it fondly.

Here’s my ( sensationalized) version of that event:

Edge cases, EV and air travel precedent, the case for regulation, and the adoption of semi-autonomous vehicles.

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Table Of Contents:

  1. 🤚 Pump the breaks: Why Autonomous Vehicles Aren’t Ready
  2. 🏎 Floor It: What to Expect This Year and into 2020
  3. 🛑 Stoplight: The Case for Regulation
  4. 🔚 Conclusion: A world without drunk driving, day care, or driver’s ed.

🤚 Pump the breaks: Why Autonomous Vehicles Aren’t Ready

Introduction: AVs following the trend of EVs

We talk about AVs — or autonomous vehicles — as though they’re already a part of daily life. As you read this, they’re replacing buses; they’re freeing up DMV lines and parking lots while cutting emissions, costs, and accidents; they’re further advancing the notion that AI is killing jobs (and/or creating new ones).

…not quite. Remember when the first highway-legal electric vehicles (or EVs) came out? …

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Here We Go Again

Virtual, mixed, and augmented reality. The heads-up display and reality-altering technologies that were supposed to revolutionize everything from gaming to socializing to porn. Despite a lack of VR “killer apps” and AR app adoption, the industry is growing; they’re expected to hit $209 billion by 2022, and an aggregate one billion users by 2020.

Yet there seems to be more AR news about Bhad Bhabie than how it’s altering our spending habits. …

5G. So buzzy, yet so misunderstood — from the tech that powers it, to the carriers that supply it, to the politics behind it. The first thing you need to know for 2019: how to understand, and therefore explain, the next wave in wireless technology.

Let’s go on a coffee run.

5G explained using a coffee shop metaphor

Coffee shops. At this point, you can’t live without them. But coffee shops in cities look different from coffee shops in suburban areas.

In the ‘burbs, you’ve got your coffee shops. You know, the ones with couches, lounge chairs, community tables, and plenty of those precious outlets. …

An enhanced workforce dedicated to AI safety, big steps toward “general” intelligence, and so much more.


Expect an enhanced workforce dedicated to AI safety, big steps in reaching what’s known as “general” intelligence, and more of the same (i.e. “good” and “bad” applications of AI).

First, a small note on a massive idea

Unlike other emerging technologies, AI never seems to go away. It’s perpetually talked about, studied, revered, and feared.

It’s going to give robots sentience! And they’re going to take over the human race! And enslave us! And fold our laundry!

We’ve been obsessed with AI since the mid 20th century, philosophizing about how it will alter society by replacing jobs, girlfriends, and — dare I say it — human intelligence. Will we be better off? …

Let’s talk about fake news. I don’t mean the stories, like The Pope endorsing The Donald or truckloads of Hillary’s hired protesters, but the phenomenon itself.

During the election cycle, a whopping 49 percent of all news stories that were shared on Facebook at least 100 times were completely made up.

So was that.^

If you believed it—even for a second — I encourage you to keep reading.

While the Internet Gods promised to cut off fake news sites’ funding, one larger question lingers: how do we — the rising generation of news consumers — ensure that fake news fails to influence future elections, ideologies, and democracy? …

It’s funny, really. We hit one million page views recently. Yet I feel like a total failure.

Before I go any further, some background: while in college in 2014, I created a blog called . Think of it as a combination of Vice and The Onion but strictly for a college community.

What is The Rival?

Let’s role play for a moment:

You’re a college junior studying Political Science. The only publication on campus is 85 years old, features headlines about the golf team, and is covered in metaphorical dust.

Quite simply, this isn’t the kind of information your friends and you care about. You prefer to discuss race relations and sexuality on campus, joke about the university’s ridiculous expenditures and construction projects, debate whether Frank Ocean blew it the second time, and dive deeper into issues of debt, diet, and the Donald. …


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